Brakes on 1966/67 Trans Am cars (and the 65 R models) were basically the stock Mustang front disk, rear drum setup. Since these were production class race cars they generally used production pieces. In 1968, the cars began getting the Lincoln/Galaxie big brake setup, (shown on the right) on the front, and the rears received the disk setup from the front using a custom bracket. I have asked several knowledgeable sources and so far I don't know who actually made the rear brackets. Kar Kraft made the front brackets to allow the installation of the Lincoln/Galaxie calipers, it's not clear (though they look similar) that they also made the rear brackets. I've never seen any other than the ones on my car... anyone have any info?

As for why I'm using the big brakes up front an the rear disks.... because my car had them when found, and since it was never raced until 1968, I decided it was first of all easier to just leave them "as raced", and since it was legal in 1968 , well.

Pads used today are Porterfield R-4, D1 (front) and D11 (rear).

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