The original motors for the 1966 and 1967 Shelby Trans Am cars were essentially the same motor as used in the 1965 GT350 R Models, down to the stamped steel valve covers and single Holley 4 barrel. When car #23 was found in 1987, it had an original 1965 K-code serial numbered HiPo 289 motor. Because of the condition of the original 289 block and heads the decision was made to build a new vintage motor, using a Boss 302 block and '69 351 Windsor heads. Since we were building to 1968 specs we used a 302 stroke crank.

The motor to the right is the second iteration, using a new Ford Racing R302 block and steel crank. Heads are the same 351W, the carbs are Ford/Holley 460cfm on an original C6 dual quad intake. AVIAID oil pan, reproduction R model valve covers and repro Helling and Stelling air cleaners. You can just see the oil lines to the repro R model oil cooler mounted just behind the radiator. The following picture is the current configuration with a 4 core Aluminum reproduction radiator and taller, stronger R model-style valve covers since the cheap stamped steel ones always leak. With roller cam and 11.7 compression this motor makes 480 HP and 380 Ft-Lbs.

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