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In 1987, Nor Cal Shelby Club member Paul Parslow was perusing the for sale ads in the local SCCA newsletter, the "WHEEL" and came across an intriguing ad. It was for a "GT-2 1967 Mustang with Cobra engine equipment $1000" Paul made arrangements to go see the car and this is what he found. Closer inspection revealed clues to the car heritage ... starting with the the "K" engine code in the San Jose VIN number. Not to mention the complete, but tired, race prepared interior, fuel cell and engine. Note the R Model valve covers, the original Galaxie radiator and the COBRA cast steel scattershield. The engine is a 1965 K code serialized HiPo 289 that is most likely the engine that was in the car since 1968. The HiPo heads showed signs of having been rebuilt many times with severe valve seat recession and somewhat amateur looking porting.

Paul copied down the VIN and after leaving a deposit, proceeded back home to give a call to Rick Kopec at SAAC HDQTRs and see if what he was looking at could possibly be what he dreamt it might be: A Shelby-built Trans Am coupe. Rick confirmed his wildest dreams. It was one of the 26 Shelby K-code coupes built for Trans Am competition in 1967. Paul calmly made the seller an offer he could have refused..... and took home arguably one of the rarest competition Mustangs ever built.

Over the next 9 years, Paul began a two prong effort: One, to restore the car to it's original as delivered condition, and two, to trace it's history and document everything about the car he could. Not much was really known about these cars since they were never as well known as the GT350 R Models, since they were not referred to as "Shelbys" , since the whole point of the Trans Am race series was for the major manufacturers, Ford, Chevy, Mercury and Dodge to compete their cars.

More pictures of the car as found:

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