1966 and 1967 Shelby Trans Am cars came with the same 32 (or 34) gallon R model fuel tank. The photo above shows the original tank that Paul obtained from Joe Kramas, that was taken out of the car in 1968 when the SCCA mandated fuel cells. Kramas had kept the tank, plus a spare along with lots of other stuff. The aftermarket cell seen in the found photos was nothing special and probably would have needed to be rebuilt. Since Paul was embarking on a total Day One resto, the original tank went in.

Surprising to me is that HMSA/GRL allows cars to run without a fuel cell if that's the way they were originally. Argueably not a safe thing to do. So in the interests of safety, I had Fuel Safe make me a custom fuel cell contained inside a pair of reproduction tanks and using the original Monza (Cobra) style fuel filler. The photo below is the result. At first glance it looks like the tank above.

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