The interiors of 1967 Trans Am coupes were quite unremarkable. SCCA Group II rules specified that cars had to maintain their basic stock appearance. This included all window glass, full interiors with back seats (but without carpeting). Even the headliners were left. (In 1968, SCCA allowed the headliners to be removed. I'm sure many of them were ripped out of the cars during their first race as the wind would buffet them so much they rarely stayed up .... mine didn't.)

The only other obvious differences are the hand fabricated gauge panel and roll hoop. (No roll cage yet, these came shortly after) Oh, and the radio delete plate. And if you look under the passenger side dash you would also see the heater delete plenum and cover plate for the hole where the blower motor would go.

My car has what is probably a one-of-a-kind KodeKey tachometer. I don't recall the story behind it, I'll have to ask Joe Kramas next time. I left the interior in it's factory white, it should probably be painted black. It certainly would show less dirt.....

Other than the race seat, which is nearly identical to an R model seat, and is original to the car, and a Halon fire system, there is nothing else special

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