Documented History:

1 of 26 1967 Mustangs prepared by Shelby American. Car was invoiced to S-A in June of 1967. Kept as a backup car (according to letter from owner Joe Kramas).

Never raced during 1967 season. Sold at end of season to Pierre Plassart, who never campaigned the car. Purchased by Joe Kramas, owner of KodeKey Elect. of Concord, CA in July 1968.

Trans-Am races entered:
9/8/68 Riverside - Bob Barker - Finished 11th (1968 Expense report)
10/6/68 Pacific - Bob Barker - 9th
8/24/69 Laguna Seca - Bob Barker - DNS
9/14/69 Sears Point - Jerry Oliver - 13th
4/14/70 Laguna Seca - Dick Carter - DNQ (Although Carter maintains it was not him, regardless of what the Program and the SCCA grid sheet says!)

Sold by Kramas in 1970, and relegated to SCCA events, finally winding up in the Central Valley with huge tires, obviously dirt tracked. Advertised in 1987 SCCA newsletter "The Wheel" as a 1967 GT-2 Mustang with Cobra engine equipment.

Thank you letter to Ken Deckman. Oct, 1968
Offer letter to Dan Furey. Dec, 1968
Advertising agreement "The Customart Press". Dec, 1968
Offer letter to Norman Verrault. April 1969
Letter from Carroll Shelby about KodeKey's in car dynamometer. Aug, 1969

Purchased by Paul Parslow after verifying cars authenticity, for the princely sum of $800. Virtually intact, including the original 1965 serial numbered HiPo 289 motor, Cobra scattershield and R-Model valve covers

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