The suspension of the 1966/67 Shelby Trans Am again mirrored the 1965 R model specification, which was based on the stock Ford Mustang underpinning. 1965 GT350-style over-ride traction bars were added. Shock absorbers were Konis. Larger diameter front swaybars were used, and the upper arms were lowered. Other than that the suspension was pretty much stock. Thg cutomer cars were most likely not prepared as well as the 4 team cars, leaving the prep to the subsequent owners.

The wheels on my car are original American Racing 5 spoke magnesium Trans Am. Front and rear wheels have different offsets, but are both 15x8. They are similar to the ubiquitous Torque Thrust D, but have a thicker hub and slightly different spoke shape. Reproductions of these wheels are available in the original Magnesium or aluminum.

I am using a McLeod racing clutch setup, which is housed in the original cast steel COBRA scattershield. This is why you want a scattershield. I call it Clutch Frappe

The rear axles do not have a retainer plate as they are retained by the custom caliper bracket.

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