Cotati Raceway, Northern California was an old Army Airfield. These photos came from owner Joe Kramas and were taken at Regional SCCA races.
According to Joe, they raced the car as often as they could. Joe didn't drive the car, he was the chief mechanic. Drivers in this period included Bob Barker, Harvey Kanistanaux, Bruce Brown, Jerry Oliver and others
The same week Kerry and I brought the car home to my garage, I was having my kitchen remodeled. My tile guy was into motorcycles and he mentioned he had some vintage motorsport magazines. He gave them to me. It turns out that not only are they the first four installments of the Trans Am 1966-1972 history, as I'm thumbing through them I see a car that looks familiar.... sonofabitch, it's our car at Riverside. Results >>

The start of the 1968 Riverside Trans Am race. My car can be seen in the back on the far left. The Camaro out front is Mark Donohue in the 1968 Penske Camaro (currently owned by Tom McIntire). Behind him is Jerry Titus. Donohue was a DNF due to oil pressure and Titus blew his engine after 15 laps. Winner was Horst Kwech in a Mustang. My car, driven by Bob Barker, finished 20th overall. Hey, it finished...8-)

Riverside Raceway, 1968. Photos from Pete Luongo The Red 68 Mustang #19 is Dick Richards. I know it's Red because of the color photo above!
One of the few shots of the back of the car showing the GT rear valence and the repositioning of the fuel filler for the center fill fuel cell. The #22 911 Porsche was driven by Bob Bailey.
Still hounding Dick Richards ... Richards eventually dropped out after 23 laps
The #97 Alfa, driven by Vic Provenzano, is the Under 2 Litre race winner. The #17 Camaro is Dick Guldstrand. Guldstrand also failed to finish ..... did local racer Frank Search in the #16 Camaro, breathing down Bob Barker's neck.....
These photos were found by an aquaintance at a garage sale in Santa Cruz in the late 90s. They show the car in the garages at Riverside. The #18 Camaro is probably Jerry Grant who DNS. The #41 is a Lancia driven by Browne Goodwin/Fred Kjorlien
Laguna Seca, probably 1969, or 1970. The #82 car is well known racer John Hall from Canada. At the 1997 Wine Country Classic, we were parked next to the car when it was owned by Mike Douglas. I thought the car looked familiar. Sure enough... Mike did not have a copy of this particular photo.
Laguna Seca, 1970 or later. The car was now painted yellow, with bumpers and a non vented front valence.
Cottonmouth Racing Team, owned by Jerry Meinecke
Circa 1970 .............. 1969 Sears Point Trans Am race results from Competition Press >>
Sears Point circa 1969. Rumor has it the Cobra was owned and driven by Shelby Trans Am registrar and good friend Gary Underwood. Around this time pro golfer Ken Venturi drove the car in a celebrity Pro-Am race.

After 1970, Joe Kramas sold the car to Richard Spenser who sold it to Jerry Meinecke who ran the car in various local SCCA events and schools. Richard Spencer repurchased the car and showed it at the Palo Alto Concours. Richard then sold the car to Ken Gebelein

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