1967 GT500 #538

Laguna Seca - 1985

The Car

Back in 1979, I took a job that supplied me with a Company Car. At the time, my daily driver was a 1972 Mach I. So I decided I
didn't need a personal car anymore and proceeded to work on selling the Mach I. As it turns out, one of my new workmates was a Shelby club member, and I wound up actually joining the Shelby club so I could use that as an avenue to sell my Mach I. (That didn't work, I sold the car at Bay Cities Auto Auction).

So here I am, a car guy, driving around in a Company station wagon and working with a guy who has a gorgeous 1967 GT500. It didn't take too long to realize I needed a toy car. So I asked my buddy with the Shelby to find me a Dark Blue '67 GT500 4 speed. Two weeks later he found one, and one week later I was the owner of 67402F2A00538. (I found out that *real* Shelby owners always know their VINs by heart, right, Pete M.?)

When I got the car, it was a very solid, original California "Black PLate" car with one repaint. The one thing it didn't have that was de rigueur for a Shelby was Le Mans stripes. Even though it never had them, I decided I wanted them, and while I as at it, why not a complete paint job? So for the whopping sum of $1300, I had the car painted and striped. The next years were spent enjoying the car at all manner of Shelby and VMOA club events. (I think it's first VMOA show was in 1984 or 85, in Santa Cruz) Also, I got hooked on open track driving in the Shelby club, where I quickly realized that big block cars can only go so fast around corners. I took my Shelby to Sears and Laguna Seca for every open track event and also to Riverside a couple of times before they closed it.

By 1988, the Shelby was getting a little tired of all this activity, and I was driving faster and faster, so I decided it was time to retire it from open tracks. It spent the next couple of years as a Sunday driver/garage queen, and then another couple of years undergoing a leisurely engine rebuild/detailing.

In 1996, it emerged into the daylight again, with a freshly built 428 Police Interceptor (with the dual quads), fresh suspension and
brakes and steering. It basically felt like a brand new car. The paint job I had had done more than 13 years earlier was still holding up nicely. So now the car is again a Sunday driver, fun-show car. It's not concours, just a fun car to show off in!

As my GT500 gracefully celebrated it's 30th birthday in 1997, (Geez doesn't that make it an *antique*), I suddenly realized that I had owned it for half it's life. And what a half life it's been.

Photos from purchase 1982

Tech stuff

What's the difference between a 390 and a 428 clutch

And speaking of Brake Pedals:
Thanks to Mustang Steve .. Look on his website for a description of the pedals in the pic below.

New Paint 1983: Gary Baush

Edmunds.com photo shoot (2000)


Model (2003) based on my car
(photo below is the real car)


Other photos


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