Summer Heat
Laguna Seca 2012 Open Track

Friday/Saturday, June 22/23, 2012

The purpose of the Green Flag Driving Association is to encourage the use of vintage race, ex-race, & hi-performance sedans and sports cars. Our events are designed to be merely for fun and self-satisfaction. There are no prizes (maybe a gag prize of two!) or anything to be won. A broad cross section of enthusiasts and car types all enjoying their cars together is the main goal. Safety, driving satisfaction and camaraderie among friends is the only reward we deem at the end.

We are creating a venue so our cars can be used without worrying about every day traffic, regulations, and speed limits. This is not to say we ourselves don't have regulations. Quite the contrary. We pride ourselves on safety #1. We inspect the cars prior to usage and place the ultimate burden of preparation on the individual who will use the vehicle. Ours is a safety inspection as a cross check and formality.

We hope to see cars come out of the woodwork which were once cast aside in frustration of "Where can a person drive anymore and really enjoy it?"

Our intent is to offer a variety of events at different race tracks in California. We also place an emphasis on camaraderie, hosting banquets and BBQ's during these weekends. We try to make this a more affordable haven for all we strive to acquire discounts for motels & accommodations.

In the interest of safety we group cars and drivers according to driver abilities and car capabilities. We encourage the usage of driving suits, roll bars, fire systems, fuel cells, racing harnesses, and just general safety related items. We do require some of these items in the faster groups. We like to see the development of safety items on the cars, rather than speed equipment.

We do not like to use the word race. Yet we offer at times exhibition sprints and relays. These can be spirited, yet we never drop the ball on safety. We have at all times a full compliment of professional corner workers, ambulance, SCCA safety truck, and tow truck. It is our intent to sort out any people who think we are a avenue to get more racing time under their belt. Racing at any level can be dangerous. People can get hurt in cars and we want everyone aware of this. We will not tolerate anybody trying to make our events into another race weekend. We expect entrants and drivers to understand the purpose of our events as stated and conduct themselves accordingly.