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We place safety #1 on our list. We also place fun and socializing high on the list. We will have lots of track time. Let's face it, safety is on all our minds. Track time comes next, and you can be assured more track time than other clubs. By creating this type of event, we hope to add another dimension to the words "Open Track". We will rule with a strict hand and strive to hold the word "safety" as our sole motive. Our regulations may differ from other clubs but we feel our background in motorsports makes us uniquely qualified to host a fun and exciting weekend. Our event is open to all makes of cars; however, due to insurance restrictions, we must exclude open wheel vehicles. Standard open track safety requirements will be enforced. This includes having a fire extinguisher, Snell 90 or newer helmet, & seat belts. Naturally, we encourage roll bars, drivers suits, and fuel cells. These are not requirements but we do RECOMMEND THEM. In our fastest group we do RECOMMEND ROLL BAR, DRIVING SUIT, AND SHOULDER HARNESSES.